Weaving Mayan Medicinal Wisdom into Luxurious Beauty Products

We create natural luxury skin and hair care products that socially impact our local community and have a ‘cradle to cradle’ positive effect on our environment.

Yes, you CAN have it all. You don’t have to compromise when you buy natural cosmetics – you can have a quality natural product that is kind to your skin and the earth.

Our inspiration is Central America’s ethnobotany (what is that? — the scientific study of traditional knowledge and customs of local plants as natural health). We invite you to celebrate centuries old natural healing Mayan traditions via our bountiful flora biodiversity.

We sell wholesale, and we are growing our list of hotels and spas where we can create exclusive scents and private labels. Please see how to buy in Guatemala to buy individual products.

At the Heart of our business is what we call our “Tierra 3 Initiative”

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Social and Local Economic Impact
  • Genuine Green Principles

Quality Ingredients

100% natural plants, minerals and oils. Ethical sourcing of unique local Ingredients. Discovering ingredients traditionally used as natural remedies in our culture is what drives us. We then research how to combine these ingredients into something amazing for you. Learn more about our Ingredients and Products.
black salt long

Social and Economic Local Impact

We exclusively work with small local farmers to create a market for their hand-crafted artisan businesses. We take care not only to build relationships with our suppliers, but also to understand the cultural value and traditional use of each ingredient. We share their unique stories with you: Partner Stories. We do our best to ‘walk our walk’ as leaders in our community cooperative to promote our ‘pueblo’ San Cristobal el Alto.

Genuine Green Principles

Having a conscience means that from production, to operations to packaging we are very serious about striving for Zero Waste. We use alternative energy. Our packaging is glass, aluminum, cardboard, recycled paper and sustainable cellulose paper. All of our packaging is either 100% reusable or biodegradable.

Demonstrating what is possible, we plan to lead a ‘social impact business’ (triple bottom line—people, planet, profit) movement in Guatemala

zero waste packaging

Founder and Botanical Alchemist

Lucy Ashman has been tinkering with natural formulas since the age of six! Making a life in, and traveling around Guatemala inspired her passion for weaving ingredients from ancient Mayan healing  wisdom and sacred rituals into unique and effective skin and hair care products.  Combining ethnobotany and a commitment to having positive effect on the local communities she works with and on the environment has given birth to this mystical line.

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