Our Products

We are continuously coming up with new ideas and inspirations,but recognize our classics that our customers have been using a long time and trust.
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Social Impact from Cradle to Cradle

We are committed to making a positive social impact on a local level. Most of our suppliers are too small to afford global certifications as these are prohibitively expensive, so our focus is more about sourcing great ingredients where it makes the most impact.
We take care to understand the cultural value and traditional uses of the ingredient and build relationships with the people and communities they come from. And so we can pass this transparency on to you. Click here for more information about our Sources

Ingredient Sourcing

Discovering new ingredients used in local cultures is what drives us. Some of these are less well known than others but have been traditionally used either in food, as a natural remedy or in skin care. We also look for inspiration around us – at the ground, at the volcanos.
Then we do our research to see what these ingredients are made of and how we can use them to make something amazing for you. Click here for more information about our Ingredients

Genuine Green Principles

Our vision is to leave little to no carbon footprint and we continuously strive for zero waste. We use alternative energy with wind powered web hosting. Using as little plastic as possible is our top packaging priority; our packaging is glass, aluminum, cardboard, recycled paper and sustainable cellulose paper.
All of our packaging is either 100% reusable or biodegradable. Limited by our local choices, some of our packaging comes from reputable companies outside Guatemala, but as we grow we will create sustainable options with local factories.

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