Our Story – About Tierra & Lava

Our Story – About Tierra & Lava

Our Story – About Tierra & Lava

Welcome to Tierra & Lava

It all started with soap.

I moved to Antigua, Guatemala just over 10 years ago and this coincided with the start of my passion for creating products from natural ingredients and with a growing consciousness of what we put on our skins and in our bodies without a thought. My first plant-based soap emerged with all its beauty and medicinal properties intact. And from that first batch of soap, grew a range of products both inspired and created from nature with your wellbeing and pleasure in mind.

Skincare products have always been a passion of mine because they connect with so many of our senses – touch, smell and sight. My dream was to create products that do all that and also felt good enough to eat (and that are so natural that you probably could eat them without making yourself too sick. And if you use them mindfully, you can even hear them as you massage the cream into your skin, or rub the scrub over your body.

This brings me to the other side of my passion – wanting to have all the luxury of amazing skincare products without any of the crap. So everything I do is built on a foundation of using ingredients as close to whole as I can find – locally sourced in an ethical way so I know where they come from and how they are produced, working with local communities and cooperatives and helping to bring awareness to certain unique materials.

My inspiration comes from my love of food, an interest in Mayan rituals and uses of botanicals as alternative health care. So there are a lot of yummy products and a lot of precious ones.

Finally, part of my vision is to have products that leave little to no carbon footprint and this is something we are continuously striving for. In order to do this, we work closely with local and organic suppliers – both providing fair wages and employment in my community as well as fair prices for supplies. We take great pride in being familiar with the source of our key ingredients and introducing our supplier family to the world. This vision is also reflected in our packaging. All Tierra & Lava products are packaged in glass, aluminum or cardboard. Our soap is wrapped in a combination of brown paper and a label with as little colour as possible while still conveying the vivid culture of Guatemalan handmade textiles. And our tags are made of handmade recycled paper. Our packaging is not all locally sourced as yet, as it is prohibitively expensive and requires mass production (and we are so very little) but we hope to be able to work with local factories in the future and in the meantime our packaging comes from reputable third parties with eco-friendly and repurposable options.

As mentioned earlier, our ingredients are key and we are passionate to share some of these unique ingredients and products with you. Some of our ingredients are special because of the way they are sourced, some simply because of their nature and uniqueness and some because of their traditional and sacred uses in the region where they come from.

We are Ethical, Genuine and operate using Sustainable Principles and Packaging,

Animal Testing (except on friends and family)
Parabens or Petroleum based ingredients.
Artificial colorants or fragrances.
Sulfates & detergents.
Synthetic ingredients