Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Tierra & Lava! We create natural luxury skin and hair care products that socially impact our local community and have a ‘cradle to cradle’ positive effect on our environment.

Yes, you CAN have it all. You don’t have to compromise when you buy natural cosmetics – you can have a quality natural product that is kind to your skin and the earth.

Our inspiration is Central America’s ethnobotany (what is that? — the scientific study of traditional knowledge and customs of local plants as natural health). We invite you to celebrate centuries old natural healing Mayan traditions via our bountiful flora biodiversity.


At the Heart of our business is what we call our “Tierra 3 Initiative”   


1)    Quality Ingredients 100% natural plants, minerals and oils. Ethical sourcing of unique local Ingredients.


2)    Social Impact: We exclusively work with small local farmers to create a market for their special hand-crafted artisan businesses. We are leaders in our community cooperative to promote our ‘pueblo’ .


3)    Genuine Green Principles: Having a conscience means that from production, to operations to packaging we are very serious about striving for Zero Waste. We use alternative energy. Our packaging is glass, aluminum, cardboard, recycled paper and sustainable cellulose paper. All of our packaging is either 100% reusable or biodegradable.

Demonstrating what is possible, we plan to lead a ‘social impact business’ (triple bottom line—people, planet, profit) movement in Guatemala.


Founder and Botanical Alchemist

Lucy Ashman has been tinkering with natural formulas since the age of six! Inspired by her passion for a heathy environment the beauty of Guatemala she created Tierra & Lava to bring the world’s awareness to Central American traditional uses of plants (ethnobotany).

Lucy is a duo-national raised in Belize with UK citizenship. She currently divides her time between Guatemala and her husband’s native Switzerland where she hopes to soon offer Tierra & Lava’s products in Europe as well.

Our Ingredients

San Cristobal el Alto Cooperativa

Zero Waste Initiatives