Raw Honey & Golden Beeswax


Don Rafa is our neighbor from a beekeeping family of many generations. He began at age 11. His spent his first earnings on his children’s school books and transportation from our rural mountaintop. These expenses are the main reason most Guatemalan children drop out of school. The tranquility of our mountain is the same reason Don Rafa believes his raw honey is excellent – the bees are far from pollution.

Don Eduardo wanted to study medicine, but his family could not afford his education. He left our village for city jobs, but returned to care for his aging parents. His son moved to the US and died young. One daughter is a social worker, the other a law student; beekeeping paid for their education. Don Eduardo learned beekeeping from Don Rafa. An ideal business requiring very little capital or employees. He works with 18 hives deep in mountains not exposed to human noise. He loves the patience and experience beekeeping requires.

Their honey is extracted via air pressure retaining all nutrients and medicinal qualities. It is a natural humectant that protects your skin and hair. Their vitamin A rich beeswax is a moisture seal that promotes cell regeneration. The honey’s signature fragrance is from Tailipon blossoms and the distinctive greenish tint comes from the Cajete blossoms.

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