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Lety Ramos

Co-sender Cooperativa, San Cristobal el Alto, Antigua, Guatemala

  • I grew up within a household of sewing. My father was a tailor and from the time I was a baby, I grew up with this. I loved it and learnt the basics by watching my father.  When I realized that this was my passion, I decided I wanted to do bigger things and so I studied and worked.
  • I love doing different things and as time went on, I discovered that I liked textiles and details and textures.
  • I worked with an interior designer for a while and discovered new love for textiles.
  • I have had my own customers and client base now for 7 or 8 years. Started working with Lucy Ashman to make special toiletry bags.
  • I am also part of the cooperative, originally as a representative of my father, but now I am took his place and have also liked social work. My original qualification was as a primary school teacher.