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History/Background of Cacao
The first thing most people think of when they think of Cacao, is chocolate.  And rightly so, it’s delicious!  But it has a rich history in Mayan culture where it was both used as a form of currency and as a special drink using the fermented, roasted beans and prepared with spices and hot chili pepper.  The name itself even means ‘Food of the Gods’.  And who could forget the ‘bliss’ chemicals in cacao which help you feel alert and great, even feelings of love.
Skin & Hair Care Properties of Cacao
High in sulphur which is great fro strong hair and nails.  High in fat (ie the wonderful cocoa butter), which helps to protects and repair skin.
Nutritional Properties of Cacao
Cacao has an extraordinarily high level of antioxidants – more than blueberries, açaí berries or goji berries.  It is also rich in Protein, Iron and Vitamin A.
Other Uses of Cacao
Hot Chocolate!
Chocolate Bars!
Local Sourcing of Cacao
Tierra & Lava uses fermented, roast Guatemalan cacao which has all its cocoa butter still intact. The cacao comes from two organic farms – one in the Suchitepequez region of Guatemala and one in Rio Dulce.
Processing of Cacao
We use the nibs as they are or use them to produce cocoa butter and cocoa powder.  We use all forms in a variety of our products.
Find It In Our:

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