Genuinely Green Principles

Genuinely Green Principles


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Striving for Zero Waste with Cradle to Cradle Design

 We do our best to care for our shared earth as consciously as we can. We are aware there is no place called “away” for the expression “throw away”– so we have focused our energy on reusing what we do use, and to simply use less. We constantly look for new options about greening our business and creating even less waste, so if YOU have great new greening ideas please do Contact Us.


Our business is founded on Genuinely Green Principals. This list is not complete as we are always experimenting to be even better, but for now here is a taste of how we operate.

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  • Zero Garbage: that’s right we are a company with zero garbage. Any unrecyclable plastics (such as some food wrappers) we fill into a plastic bottle convert these bottles into eco- bricks which we use as borders for our garden. We produce about one eco-brick every two weeks.
  • Buy in Bulk: we buy in bulk to reduce waste and we encourage all of our clients to do the same
  • Alternative/Renewable Energy: solar powered server for website and email
  • Recycling: We work with, a recycling company from Guatemala City who pick up any materials and by-products which can be recycled easily
  • Support Local Companies: we source as many local raw materials as possible and are always looking for more options to reduce the carbon footprint of any unnecessary sourcing from abroad
  • Using Minimal Water: our office uses a ‘Loveable Loo’ compost bathroom for staff and garden visitors, the waste is then processed via a ‘Humanure’ system conserving water and providing long-term composition solutions. All of our grey-water is disposed of through a natural filtration system using different stone and gravel before feeding the property.



  • Re-usable, Recyclable or easily Biodegradable Packaging: our principal materials in our products are glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard
  • Zero Waste Bulk Supply Stations: are offered to stores carrying our products and want to offer zero waste solutions for their customers
  • Packaging Free Options: we are busy creating new options such as our new zero waste hair care, and gift presentation in recycled denim bags from the New Denim Project
  • No Single-Serving Plastic Containers: we provide bulk refill options for hotel and spa amenities, reducing the amount of disposable single-use containers
  • Our Goal is to Use Zero Plastic: unfortunately, and despite our best attempts to find better local resources, a few lids and pumps on a couple of our products are plastic and we are currently researching what we can replace them with. To be honest, the current information about post-consumer and reusable plastic is at best – confusing. As we are located in Guatemala, we are somewhat limited by our local choices, importing materials is not always the best choice environmentally. We remain open to better ideas and hopefully that consumer demand (YOU!!) will drive new plastic-free options here in Guatemala.