FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - if you cannot find an answer here, just drop us a line via the Contact Form and we will get back to you !

Are the products natural?

Yes, our products only use plant materials, essential oils, minerals such as clays or zinc, plant oils and butters, waxes and plant-based emulsifiers.

Are your ingredients organic?

Mostly. Most of our ingredients come from our garden. The small farm cooperatives we work with are all tiny. For many of them it is cost prohibitive to go through a formal certification process. But as we grow, our goal is to work to certify each of our partners.

Do you make custom products?

Yes, for a minimum volume we can make an individualized scent from our unique ingredients. We have done this many Hotels and Spas we happily work with.

What are your Genuinely Green Principles? Can you tell me what you are doing for the environment?

We don’t create any trash! We make garbage bricks from anything we cannot recycle. For a longer list of what we are doing: Zero Waste

Who are your small farmers?

They are an amazing collection from our local community. We have shared some of their unique stories here.

What is your local social impact?

We have some ingredient partners where our orders are more than 50% of their business.  Our bees wax provider can’t keep up with our demand! As we grow, we are excited to help our partners grow with us. We also are active partners in our “pueblo” cooperative: San Cristobal El Alto. Our coop’s joint efforts have at least tripled our local tourism in the last few years.

Is there information in Spanish?

Our office is fully bilingual and when we have the resources, we will make the information available in both languages.  All the Product information is bilingual and so is our Catalogue.

Do you ship outside of Guatemala?

At the moment we are only selling wholesale. To buy wholesale please register. Although we can special order, the shipping charges for a small order are usually cost prohibitive.